Ratio Calculator

Ultimate Compliance

Currently requires an easyemployer and Kidsoft Subscription

  • We take child attendance data from supported CCS systems

  • Capture actual staff attendance with our built-in timeclock

  • Calculate live ratios (in 15-minute increments) so you can see in an instant where you need staff

About the Ratio Calculator

Capturing Child & Staff Attendance

  • Parents and educators sign children in/out using a digital kiosk from a supported solution

  • This allows us to interpret how many children of each age you have in each area

  • Educators sign in/out and transition between rooms (including contact and non-contact locations) which generates a ‘room register’ as well as showing adequate supervision guidelines are being met


  • A current ‘snapshot’ gives you an instant, up-to-date overview of your service, including:

    • ‘Across the Service’ ratio

    • Individual room ratios

    • Who is the responsible person?

    • Is the 50% qualified staff requirement being met?

    • Do I have any available staff in non-contact roles?

  • A ‘Day’ view provides a summary of the day so far.

  • A timeclock with a unique link which can be loaded on PCs and tablets

  • A range of reports to aid with more accurate rostering and compliance

  • Add and customise your own requirements (e.g. First Aid check)


  • Get critical information about child and staff numbers quickly

  • Make more informed decisions when rostering

  • Save money by better utilising your workforce

  • Ensure you’re always compliant