Time & Attendance

Create fast and easy paperless rosters, manage staff availability, capture digital timesheet clocking and export directly to your payroll system.


Control labour costs

Using accurate time & attendance clocking to see actual vs paid clocking times.
People with the correct permissions can see cost of staff shifts on the roster as they go.
Use business rules to control overtime or TIL accrual.
Pay higher duties when someone steps up for a relief position.

Reduce admin time

Intuitive rostering makes it easy to move, change or re-assign shifts from a template to keep your roster up to date.
Email or SMS rosters and changes directly to staff.
Calendar sync allows staff to get their roster automatically on their preferred online calendar including Google, Apple and Outlook calendars.
Quickly notify casuals and other staff of available 'fill-in' shifts.

Put the right people in the right places

Assign shifts based on location and break down rosters into rooms / areas to check numbers.
Our signature Organisation Structure makes it possible to only roster people for shifts they are allowed to work, based on location and shift type.
Swap staff between multiple locations.

Manage multiple services from anywhere

Our system is completely cloud based so there is no downloads required and you can access rosters, timesheets and reports from any PC or laptop with internet access.
This also means your information is securely backed up 24/7.

Different levels of access

Staff can be assigned different levels of access and permissions for different locations within the organisation
Staff can have access to their own private portal to view their roster, manage their details and apply for leave.

Keep track of abilities

Stay on top of first aid, CPR, Epi-pen, Supervisor certificates and more. The Abilities tracker will let you know when someone's certificate is about to expire and due for renewal.


Utilise our powerful range of reporting for staff attendance tacking and workforce efficiency.

Payroll Integration

Create an export file to upload directly into your current payroll program or use ours.
Call 1300 824 855 to ask us about what programs are supported for seamless integration or to find out more about a managed payroll solution.

Key Benefits

Reduce your total payroll costs by between 2%-10%.

Significantly reduce administration time by streamlining the roster and timesheet processes.

We can tailor our system to suit your individual business needs.

Save money by eliminating time creep and applying business rules to enforce budgets.

Gain superior financial / rostering visibility across the entire organisation.