Online Portfolios



Learning Journeys

An online portfolio with children's artwork, photos and observations in a secure portal. It saves 1000's of hours and looks magnificent.

Supported Frameworks

EYLF, My Time Our Place, Victorian EYLDF, Queensland EYLG and Te Whariki.


To help manage your service we track and graph Learning Journey Observations, what each educator has posted, the last time parents logged in and a snapshot of all Learning Journey posts. Search options allow you to filter by date, group or person.

Fully Customisable Navigation Menu

Tailor the main menu for each user or parent and add additional buttons with email or web links.


Teachers can create and share programs. You can also link observations to programs and programs to observations.

Children's Updates

Daily, weekly or occasional updates by child or group are emailed and automatically stored online. Never miss an email and keep a log of parent communication.


You can search on any "tag" in the system to allow you to find what you are looking for, instantly.

Task Manager

Assign tasks to your staff and track their progress.

Parent Central

Each parent gets their own website with access to the News, Policies, forms and daily updates with a feedback system so they can comment on a post and share pictures back to the educators.

Smartphone App For Parents

The parents can also accessall the features from the parent portal through the free smartphone app available from the Apple App Store and Google Play


Parents and staff can access centre news and updates online.


Online policy storage with version tracking. We provide a single place for all your current and old versions of policies.

Forms and Documents

You can upload your own forms and track the versions of the forms.


Users can insert web site links to help staff quickly navigate to the site they are looking for.


Online Training:
This is the preferred method of training, we can share our screen with you and your staff anywhere in the country. This is included in the set-up package.

Training Nights:
We also host regular online training sessions for our customers. Please check your ChildCarers portal for the next training dates.

In Person Training:
We can arrange an in person visit at your centre (costs are subject to time and travel charges).