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Customise your recruitment process and escalate successful applicants through each state, automatically notifying them when they progress.

Job Boards

Integrated With Seek, CareerOne & Your Website. Create new positions and send them to all of your job boards. Then collect and review all applications in one place.

Employee Contracts

Customise multiple templates with fields which will automatically populate with the relevant information. Offer a position to the successful applicants and they can digitally sign and return it within minutes.

Self Serve Onboarding For Staff

Once the new employee has accepted their position, they will then receive a login and be prompted to update their personal information, qualifications, certificates and more.

Electronic Signing of Company Policies

Upload company policies and for staff to read and sign. Generate reports to see who has or hasn’t signed.

WH&S Tracking

Record detailed record of WH&S related injuries, link them to related hazard management plans and store information about the insurance and rehab plans in the same record.

Training Manager

Keep track of where your trainees are at. Gain visibility as they recieve, submit and complete each unit. Give access to the Training Organisation to update records and email them requests to provide a mark and status for each assignment. You can also add your own courses.

Performance Reviews

Tailor your on performance review surveys which can include rating scales, multiple choice answers and question matrix. Include manager and employee questions as well as private manager comments all in the same review. Assign values to each answer, giving your employees a score at the end. /p>


Build your own online surveys and send them to staff to be completed. Embed multiple question types, including file upload and electronic signatures.

Payroll Integration

Employees can view their pay slips and payment summaries through the employee portal.


Customisable reporting enables you to slice, dice, measure, analyse and share. Real-time, accurate information means enhanced decision-making ability and strategic insight.

Alerts, Tasks and Reminders

Workflow automatic can be configured to send out alerts, tasks and reminders which may be triggered by an action or date in the system. These may be things like approving a leave request or updating someone’s first aid.

Manage Leave

Employees can apply for leave, which can be approved or declined by a manager and viewed on a monthly/yearly Leave Calendar. Approved leave can also be synchronised with the rosters in the Time & Attendance solution.

Permissions and Visibility

Managers can be configured so that they will only have visibility of the employees they are responsible for.

Record and Track

Record meetings, private discussions and disciplinary actions against each employee and create reports to gain greater visibility across your workforce.


Why having a good HR solution is important

Depending on the source, it's widely believed that up to 30-40% staff turnover is not unusual in the childcare industry. Which makes finding and retaining quality staff an important but costly use of resources. A nationwide survey of 1,200 childcare workers conducted by the Queensland University of Technology found one-in-five intended on leaving their job in the next 12 months.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce Cost of Hire and Time to Hire
  • Minimise paperwork with online forms and digital signatures
  • Know that all employee documents are up to date and stored in a single location
  • Spend less time checking through files and folders by instantly reporting on any information in the system