Frequently Asked Questions

About Time & Attendance

What is ChildCarers Time & Attendance?

ChildCarers Time & Attendance is a hosted solution that allows you to manage office functions including staff roster, timesheets with electronic clocking. It is designed to save administrative time and improve staffing efficiency.

How does ChildCarers Time & Attendance work?

Time & Attendance gives you the ability to create staff rosters, communicate via email or SMS and then generate a timesheet from actual clocking data. Then export a report directly into payroll programs such as MYOB, Xero or Payroll Guru.

How can I benefit from using ChildCarers Time & Attendance?

Safe time, reduce staff costs, relieve administrative burden. Licensees can control the quality and consistency of information. Giving you access to current rosters, staff clocking and much more, all from your own computer.

How does ChildCarers Time & Attendance improve my compliance?

Keep a digital record of actual staff clocking and what room/area they were rostered in.

I am already a customer, how do I log in?

Can staff still clock in and out if the internet is down?

Yes, you can load your time clock in offline mode and when an internet connection is detected your clocking data will be submitted.

What do I need to run ChildCarers Time & Attendance?

All you need is a web browser and access to the internet. There is nothing to install on your computer or tablet at your centre or office and all updates are automatic. We recommend Google Chrome on PC or Android for the best experience or Safari on Apple devices.