Frequently Asked Questions

About Online Portfolios

What is ChildCarers Online Portfolio's?

ChildCarers Online Portfolios is a hosted solution that allows you to manage office functions including child portfolios. It is designed to save administrative time and improve parent satisfaction.

How does Online Portfolios work?

Online portfolios gives staff the ability to create individual or group observations online and allow parents access to view their child's learning journey, news, updates, pictures and more.

How can I benefit from using ChildCarers?

Safe time, reduce staff costs, relieve administrative burden. Licensees can control the quality and consistency of information. Giving you access to everything that is posted, how many observations for each child, parent access, internal documents and much more, all from your own computer.

How does ChildCarers improve compliance?

We store, track and manage internal and external communication including parent communication, policy changes, parent feedback, observations and programs.

I am already a customer, how do I log in?

The best way to find your unique URL is to search your inbox for your welcome email.

Can I log in with the smartphone app?

Our smartphone app is only for parents, but don't let that stop you from accessing the system using your devices internet browser (just like you would on your PC). However we find a tablet, laptop or PC works best!

Can parents access their child's portfolio?

Each parent gets their own web site and they can only see their child's data. The control of who sees what data is in the hands of centre owners and teachers. You can also choose to make available your policies and forms to parents.

What kind of tablet should we use?

ChildCarers works on all types of devices, so you can use which ever brand is most suitable for you.

What do I need to run ChildCarers Online Portfolios?

All you need is a web browser (ChildCarers runs on the latest versions of Internet Explorer 11, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari) and access to the internet. There is nothing to install on your computer or tablet at your centre or office and all updates are automatic. We recommend Google Chrome on PC or Android for the best experience or Safari on Apple devices.

Will my data on ChildCarers be safe and secure?

Access to the site is secured with industry standard SSL. The same technology employed at your favourite online retailers. The system allows you to restrict access to only authorised locations and enforce password policies. Passwords are stored in a one way encrypted format, so staff, centre owners and even ChildCarers staff, never knows a user or parents password.

Do I need to back up my files for Online Portfolios?

Once you upload your data onto our system we back up all your data. However we suggest that each year you take a backup of each of your children's portfolio so you have a backup.