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Overview of Products

Going digital with your programming can seem like a big step, but it is really quite easy, and we are here to help!

What is even bigger is the list of benefits, which include:

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Tired of stressing over rosters? Struggling with staffing costs, tracking hours and paying the correct entitlements?
ChildCarers have the answer!

  • Keep control of your labour costs
  • Reduce wages
  • Reduce admin time and stress
  • Create a roster in minutes and send it out via email or SMS
  • Quickly communicate last-minute shift changes or find replacements
  • Manager multiple services from any location
  • Export to your payroll provider or use ours

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Our child care specific HR solution allows your to manage staff for the entire duration of their employment.

  • One place for all employee details
  • Know how many units each trainee has completed or is working on
  • Flexible reporting & email scheduling
  • Greater visibility of leave using the Leave Calendar
  • Ensure all policies are read and signed by all staff
  • Allow employees to enter their information
  • Specifically designed for Child Care / After School Care

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Customer Stories

"...the last two centres we had assessed received "Exceeding" and we have had 3 centres with Exceeding from 2 different regions, all using ChildCarers."
Jacky Purcell, General Manager QCCS 36 Centres.

"Neal and the team delivered the project on time and on budget to our 138 services. The ChildCarers solution is saving our educators time and reducing our consumables cost."
Paul Amato, General Manager PCYC Queensland.

"Because we implemented ChildCarers we have now cancelled the lease on our printer/photocopier."
Kristy Budden, Little Beaver PreSchool.

"It is easy to use and very practical. It is a one-stop shop for all the NQS requirements and makes it so much simpler to link all the aspects together. I don't know what their support is like because I have never had to phone them, all I did was watch the online tutorial."
Luisa Ortiz, Early Childhood Teacher.

"When our staff saw how easy it was to use we decided to sign up for a trial. We are now using the system to create portfolios as well as communicating with our parents, who love the way it works."
Angela Davis, Licensee at Liverpool School For Early Learning.

"We were drowning in paperwork. Each week we seemed to spend more and more time doing administrative tasks and less time focusing on the children. There is nothing to download or upgrade and you don't need to know anything about technology, it just works. It took our staff 30 minutes of training before they were up and going and creating an online portfolio. Our parents and staff can log on any time or any place to see real-time updates about how their child's day or learning journey is progressing. Love It ... Love It ... Love It!"
Melissa Feleo, Authorised Supervisor at Kellyville Ridge Pre-School and Long Day Care.

"I'd like to highly recommend ChildCarers. With 15 years experience in the early childhood sector, I have researched and practised many ways of implementing planning and documentation for the service. I'm using ChildCarers for my Family Day Care service. I have found it to be incredibly easy to use and comprehensive, covering all basis of the framework. ChildCarers program is so easy to use that I now get all my work done in working hours! The customer service and support at ChildCarers is outstanding. There is always someone willing to assist if needed."
Jenny, Learn and Grow at Home Family Day Care

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